Thursday, 13 November 2008

On The Corner

All of the photos that I've blogged so far have been taken over the last year, since I moved to London. Once I get in to the swing of things, the ambition is to post shots up as I take them.

This picture was taken at this time last year, which almost counts. I'd stopped on Leathermarket Street to photograph the Morocco Stores; these beautiful Victorian warehouse buildings that were at the centre of the area's booming leather trade.
As the bike swung around the corner, the pigeon got startled and I dipped my lens, hoping for the best. I was pleased with the shot - so much so that I forgot to photograph the Stores after all.


Rosh Photographer said...

Excellent shot. You've captured the moment well and good job with the shadow. Even the bird flying away adds a nice touch.

new media photographer

Walter Neiger said...

well seen and taken at the right moment!