Saturday, 31 October 2009

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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ricoh's Adventure

Please check out my latest fledgling project at Ricoh's Adventure.
Ideas and input would be really appreciated...

Monday, 19 October 2009

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Because The Night

Last night, I was lucky enough to catch an impromptu performance by Patti Smith for the opening of A Season In Hell, a small exhibition by her ex-lover Robert Mapplethorpe. After performing a handful of songs on the gallery steps, she ended sweetly with an acapella version of Because The Night.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Monday, 12 October 2009

Beyond Borders

Ok, no more signs after this but it's the G that kills me...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Bleeding Colours

I think my synaesthesia must be playing up, 
I've realised I'm only photographing signs this week...

From A Phone Booth

Friday, 9 October 2009

Sigmund Freud's House

To prove I don't just hang around sex shops all day...

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I know this is a second sex-related post this week, 
but it's worth it purely for their "alleged" promotion...

Monday, 5 October 2009

Grapefruit Moon

"'Cause every time I hear that melody, well, something breaks inside..."
- Tom Waits, Grapefruit Moon, 1973

Saturday, 3 October 2009

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

These Dog Days Are Over

"Take my shoes off, and I will throw them in the lake..."
- Kate Bush, Hounds Of Love, 1985