Thursday, 11 June 2009

Cold Hands, Warm Heart


Owen said...

Hmmm, if you got close enough to take this, the owner of those hands acquiesced with tacit or explicit approval? Or was a stolen shot surreptitiously taken in passing ? Sure provokes wondering about who those hands belong to with their dark polished nails... mystery... (or maybe you have another shot that could enlighten us inquisitive readers out there ???)

louciao said...

My day started with a tune on the radio that was singing about "cold hands warm heart" and my evening ends with a photo illustrating this very sentiment. Life and blogs move in mysterious ways.

b.c. said...

gorgeous shots, all

Loulou said...

I LOVE hands, those ones are so feminine... a French lady?

Did you see the hands from the Egyptian guy I posted a few days ago?
Follow the link:

see you,