Saturday, 4 July 2009

One Way Or Another


jeff said...

Excellente photos qui apparemment ne font pas beaucoup de commentaires ! ! ! Ben un artiste c'est ça !

OOOOwen... Loooulou ! Où êtes-vous ?

Owen said...

Hi SP, grim scenes there of desolate urban scapes, something joyous about them though too... irrepressible force in that leaning pole, where maybe someone stole the parking meter ? Vandals everywhere, like Dylan said... the vandals stole the handle.

And while making musical references in response to your post, don't know if you had it in mind or not, or if you are familiar with them, but the words "One way or another" figure in one of my favorite Grateful Dead tunes... New Speedway Boogie, in which the line is :

"One way or another, this darkness got to give..."

@ Jeff, salut J. on est là, je passe régulièrement ici, car les photos sont trop bonnes pour ne pas revenir et revenir encore... et en plus, si tu regardes l'autre blog de SP, il aime Garry Winogrand et Lee Friedlander et Wim Wenders... comment ne pas revenir ?

desi said...

lol..yeah, now that song is stuck in my head!!
great pics!!